Pointing to a better financial future.


Our goal is to follow a consistent conservative investment approach based on solid research. We will identify companies with dominant positions and technologies and those that will be dominant in the future. Neibor Asset Management prides itself on its ability to thoroughly vet a company. Our history of quality research analysis will continue in order to provide individual investors the same investment performance that institutions have always benefitted from.

We will not trade aggressively or follow short-term trends. We are long-term investors that believe in the foundations of the domestic economy. We will invest in companies that we expect to grow through economic cycles and exceed the growth rate of the economy.

Our clients are the most important people to us. We will provide the highest possible level of service and always respond to your inquiries. Client portfolios will be structured to their individual risk tolerances. We will avoid high-risk strategies. Our goal is to make you money and we will constantly strive to improve our clients’ financial health.